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Seasonal delights


Guava jam

Available between May and September only.

Our guava jam is a most-wanted speciality among all our guests. Apart from its irresistible flavour and lip-smacking taste, every jar is jampacked (pun intended) with healthy nutrients too!

We are proud to produce this jam from the guavas we grow ourselves—giving you an assurance that it is 100% organic.

13 A
15 B

Organic avocados

Fondly called ‘Butterfruit’ in Sri Lanka, these are homegrown avocados that we serve our guests from May to September every year.

Their mild but unique taste has a buttery, earthy, and nutty flavour that our guests can’t get enough of!
15 A

More specialities

Organic vegetables

You choose, we cook—it’s as simple as that!

Stroll through our vegetable gardens, pluck what you wish to eat and hand over your selection to our chef.

Then, sit back and relax as our chef serves you mouth-watering dishes to eat to your heart’s content.


No plastics

Plastic usage is an enormous cause of soil pollution since it is non-biodegradable. It harms our health as well as the environment’s. Plastic in water bodies causes several thousand aquatic organisms to die every year. On land, they also adversely affect the quality of life of our animal friends.

Therefore, we do not use single-use plastics anywhere in our property. Being environmentally friendly is one of our highest priorities.


Water from natural sources

We serve fresh, unpolluted water from a nearby stream that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.



The immediate terrain surrounding the property is ideal for hiking, trekking, and bicycling with friends and family.

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